The river level and debris continue to be bad at Livermore, KY causing unsafe conditions to race and prohibiting safe rescues if needed.  To make up for the cancelled Livermore race, KDBA will be running TWO separate races during the September 17-18, 2016 weekend at New Athens, IL.  We will run Thunder on the Green on Saturday and the New Athens Classic on Sunday.  

Two separate races means: 

  • Two separate entry fees
  • Two separate sets of points
  • Two separate winning payoffs
  • Racers may choose to run either or both

There will be two rounds of qualifying each day.  There will be a short break after the 2nd round of qualifying to allow pairing of the classes and eliminations to begin once paring is completed. 

The KDBA staff will be available for tech and registration Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning prior to the drivers meeting.*** We will not be able to tech boats once qualifying begins so be there early*** Registration and tech for anyone who chooses to run Sunday only will open Saturday afternoon following eliminations. If you tech on Friday, or Saturday morning, and enter at that time, you will not be required to tech again unless there was a situation that would warrant you having to re-tech. Due to time limitations, the 2nd chance class will not be offered either day.

Since time is of essence to get the boats on the water as early as possible, we ask that everyone that is able to preregister, please do so and pay online.  Click here to register and pay.  If you already pre-registered and paid for Livermore, your money will automatically be counted towards Saturday's Thunder on the Green race.  Refunds will be issued if you cannot make it to New Athens.

Drivers meeting will be at 9:00 am SHARP on both mornings.  PLEASE BE PROMPT.  Keep checking back for more details!