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Latest News from the KDBA

Ok guys finally have secured rooms for the Hamilton OH race about 10 miles from track at the

Hampton Inn / Fairfield
430 Kolb Drive
Fairfield, Ohio

Phone number is
513 942 3440

The rates are $85.00 per night for a double, the gentleman that is helping us set up this race has worked very hard trying to secure a decent hotel at a fair price, most of the hotels in the area are somewhat questionable and most that we checked on were run by lets just say non americans. I hope that you will use this hotel, the hotel is comping the divers and some of the workers rooms, depending on how many of you stay there, thereby saving the club some money in putting on this race. Please make your reservations ASAP the rooms are only going to be held for a little over a week.


Hamilton, OH

September 8th & 9th

$15,000 PURSE

Showcase your sponsors in front of 10,000 spectators.



























































Aunnual Meeting Minutes
taken by Julie Shaller

Meeting was called to order. Profit/Loss statement was distributed to the membership for review. Discussion was held. Membership reminded that the club spends approximately what it takes in to buy new equipment and improve race operations for membership.

Chris Onneybecker has been drumming up sponsors for the lake races. Cheers sponsors at a level of $2500 per year. Please make sure give them your support and a thank you when at the Lake. The Lyon County tourism commission will be sponsoring us to help offset the fee for the ambulance with $500 per race. We use the Lyon County ambulance and it costs the club $40 per hour. Christ has also been in contact with Livingston County and it looks like they will also commit to $500 per race. She is in contact with one more county but has not yet heard from them.

This year Chris has negotiated with Patty's Inn and Suites for room rates. This hotel will serve as race headquarters. Please get your reservations for the entire year made early. They have held 20 single rooms and 20 double rooms for us at rates of $52 and $62 respectively. They are also giving us certificates for four dinners at Patty's or Bill's. We will have a drawing for these at each race. In order to be eligible for the dinner drawings you have to have renewed your membership by 03/31/12 and be staying at Patty's.

Roger presented the group with the news that KDBA had been contacted by Hamilton, Ohio, a suburb of Cinncinatti, as a possible race site. It would be held in conjunction with their fall festival on September 8th and 9th. Discussion followed. Vote was taken. Of the 19 racers present 16 would be willing to attend.

Discussion was held on what KDBA could do to enhance our races to improve attendance. Any ideas should be e-mailed to Roger.

Club Improvements

The new rescue boat is finished. Two more backup boards have been ordered for the clocks. A set of win lights has been ordered for the end of the track. The club bought a new/used trailer for $11,500. We have ordered two extra strobes. A wireless ET slip printer is ordered for the out ramp.

Discussion was held and Joe Perechesi and crew will hand out the slips at the Lake races.

Ed Anderson brought up for discussion that only the first three rounds on Saturday will count toward qualifying. Racing would continue on Saturday as test and tune. He felt this would help to better prepare our racers to place well at other events. Discussion followed. Vote was taken and this was carried in an 18 to 1 vote.

Ken Dollar presented the that test and tune would take place at Wheatland on 05/12 and 05/13 at a cost of $400 per team. If interested you must commit with a check in their office by 04/30/12. Checks will be held until that time and returned if not enough racers interested. It costs approximately a minimum of $20000 to open race track for a weekend. A show of hands and 4 racers were interested.

Discussion on holding a gambler race at every KDBA race was held. We would need to be down to two rounds for the gambler on Sunday. Entry fee would be $50 per head with an 80/20 split. We would probably still have 2nd chance for first round losers on Sunday. We need this as a filler. 11 out of 19 said they would be interested in participating in this. We will try it at the first race and see how it goes.

Discussion held on paying more than two places. It was decided to keep the payout the same.

Discussion was held on reducing payout if not a KDBA member. Again vote was taken and it was decided to leave the payout alone.

Deadline for E-3 spark plugs is 03/31/12.

It was strongly encouraged to get your membership in by 03/31/12. This will guarantee your boat number. Brief discussion was held on how to get members to pay their membership by 03/31/12.

LODBRS Division 3 will be the best 5 out of 7 races.

With Creve Couer no longer a race this year a discussion was held on what races besides the 3 Lake races and Livermore will comprise the KDBA points total. Votes were taken on various senarios; 4 Kentucky plus 1 out of 3, 2 out of 3 or 2 out of 4. For the first year it was decided that Hamilton would probably not be a points race. Input will be considered and the board will make a final decision.

Roger will check with Billy Miles regarding trophies.

Board met after the conclusion of the general membership meeting.


It was announced at the banquet that the board had decided the following:

1. KDBA will pursue holding a race in Hamilton, Ohio this year.

2. The KDBA points series will consist of the 3 Lake races, Livermore and the best 2 out of four of Wheatland, Wheatland, Augusta and New Athens.

3. It was announced that Randy Bikenese has been added to the board.


New race headquaters at KY Lake, Patti's Inn and Suites phone number 270 928 2700 or 866 673 3968


Ratchets are not required in the 10, 11 and 12 second classes.



Each driver in the Professional and Sportsman classes is required to take a physical prior to applying for a Competition Drivers License. No physical is required for any Bracket class or any other class running 10:00 seconds or slower. The standard physical form provided by your sanctioning division or chapter is to be used; however, a DOT/FAA physical form will also be accepted. This physical is required to be performed every two years. It is the responsibility of the driver to have his physical form available at the first race of the season at which he applies for a new or renewal Competition Drivers License. Any driver who is found to have submitted a fraudulent physical form shall be subject to having his home division or chapters license suspended or revoked (to be determined by the Board of Directors) in addition to, or in lieu of a fine as noted in Appendix F. There is no grace period if a driver does not have a physical.


Universal Slip Joint Failure!

Inspect Your Couplers and Dye Ckeck Them

It has been brought to the  attention of LODBRS Safety/Tech that there has been a failure of the universal slip joint between the steering shaft and box. The failure was a crack on the slip hub part of the  universal, the crack opening up, under power (prop blast hitting rudder) and causing the splines to start "skipping" between the coupler and box. Fortunatly the driver and boat were ok, but with the rudder moving around without driver input, caused 'some' concern.

It is desirable that you inspect your couplers, and dye ckeck them. Please contact tech@lucasoildragboats for more info or if you have questions.


Jet Boat Pump Loader Failure!

Drivers Please Check Your Pump Loader For Cracks Etc.

At the recent NJBA race in Bakersfield, a pump loader failed, forcing the stern of the boat out of the water, rendering the ratchet and relief valve useless. The boat was destroyed, the driver is ok, and safety equipment worked.

Investigation showed that the loader was constructed from mild steel and mig welded. Also the design had been altered and ground on. Note that a weld did not fail. The loader cracked on the right side on angle going from the ‘grate’ up to the mount.

PLEASE:  pull your loaders out and inspect them for cracks etc. The hi-frequency vibrations that occur, can lead to failure. A dye penetrate test kit would be the way to go on this. Any questions contact tech@lucasoildragboats.com This is a voluntary inspection and is the responsibility of the owner/driver.